A family begins healing

Jayna Murray's family. (Photo: Brad Bell)

The day after a Montgomery County jury found Brittany Norwood guilty of first degree murder for killing their daughter in the Bethesda Lululemon store, Jayna Murray's parents went shopping in the Bethesda Lululemon store.

They have endured a seven month nightmare which began with the call no parent wants to receive. It ended last night with a quick verdict after a 5 day trial – a trial which proved to be both a test and an opportunity to heal.

“Jayna would want us to return to our lives celebrate her life and stop grieving,” said Jayna Murrya’s father David Murray.

The family will now head back to Houston. But they will return to Rockville in January for Norwood’s sentencing.

According to the evidence, Norwood lured Jayna Murray back to the store where both worked after closing time and set up a confrontation because she been caught stealing.

She hit Murray in the head with a heavy metal bar, a hammer and wrench and then stabbed her repeatedly in the neck with a knife. The medical examiner counted 331 injuries and says Murray was alive for all. For that the Murrays say Norwood deserves life without parole.

“We're hoping that judge Greenberg gives her maximum that Maryland allows,” said David Murray..

“It’s about so no other family has to go through this,” said Jayna Murray’s mother Phyllis Murray.