A burst of winter weather

(Photo Andrea Hill)

The D.C. area had its first winter weather of 2012 Tuesday, with bitter cold winds cutting through the area and some snow sighted in Maryland.

Although temperatures hoved around 32 degrees, the punishing wind made it feel more like the teens.

Even the ice rink at Pentagon City--a business that banks on the cold weather--had only a handful of customers Tuesday.

Harry Tran, an employee at the rink, said he usually sees about 50 people on the rink, but today "we've had maybe 15 total," he said. "When it gets really cold or windy it will drop. People like it when it's warm."

Employees say that on a weekend, they can easily see 100 people skating.

For some, the cold made for a tough day at work.

John Cruz was working a valet station until close to midnight. He said in order to get a paycheck, he had no choice.

"The wind is really cold you know, but we have to do it. We have to do the job," Cruz said.

One family visiting from Florida said they felt duped by the steep drop in temperatures.

“When we left Florida it was in the 50's here,” says one tourist. “We packed sweatshirts and thought we'd be fine."

Something else they weren't expecting: snow.

Flurries fell all over Tuesday, from Hagerstown to Harpers Ferry to Montgomery County.

In some parts, the snow burst was just enough to slicken the roads and wreak havoc.

With clearing skies and lighter winds, most suburbs will easily drop into the 10s by Wednesday morning, says ABC7 meteorologist Bob Ryan. Winds will be lighter but the temperature will struggle to get much above freezing but by late week, back to above average temperatures.

In Virginia, officials say around 20 cars were involved in a pile-up on interstate 81 near Harrisonburg this morning.

And in Frederick, Md., two separate accidents on I-270 are believed to be weather related.

And then there are those like Anthony Gioffrey who decided to ditch his jacket - a decision he may regret.

“They're smart. I'm the dumb one,” he says. “But that's okay.”