A big winner from Waldorf

The winning ticket was sitting in a grocery bag filled with hundreds of old lottery tickets. Mike Halman never checked it.

“I never had time," he says.

After the prodding of his mother, Holman checked the ticket at a convenience store.

He gave the ticket to an attendant, who replied that he couldn’t do anything because the store could only cash $600.

Halman didn't realize he just won $200,000 worth of cash.

The 49-year-old retired army veteran from Waldorf and father of six was presented that big check Monday.

He knows just how he will spend his winnings. His credit card debt, $45,000, will be wiped away. And he’s going to help his daughter pay for college, as well as help family members. He’ll also donate to Toys for Tots every year, he says.

Holman buys $100 worth of lottery tickets each week. The rest of the tickets in that plastic bag are still unchecked.