911 tapes of Montgomery County parking garage collapse

Montgomery County officials have released the chilling 911 tapes from last week’s parking garage accident. Many of the calls came from construction crews that were working inside the garage at the time of the collapse.

Worker: We got a slab that came down on two guys.

911 Operator: OK.

Worker: They're stuck underneath a piece of concrete in the parking garage.

911 Operator: How big is this concrete?

Worker: Oh God, it weighs 55,000 pounds.

Officials say there were about 20 workers at the garage at the time of the collapse. The parking deck was under construction at the time and was closed to the public.

One worker was taken to the hospital in critical condition but is expected to recover. The worked killed was identified as as 57-year-old Carroll Dexter Wills.

You can hear on the tape that witnesses feared there was nothing they could do.

Worker: I'm within ten feet of him.

911 Operator: OK, is he awake?

Worker: No, he is not awake.

911 Operator: Is he breathing?

Worker: I cannot tell if he's breathing.

Construction on that section of the Westfield Montgomery Mall in Bethesda.was expected to wrap up later this fall. The accident remains under investigation.

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