911 dispatcher helps mom give birth on side of Culpeper County road

Born on the side of a country road in a cold car, baby Isabella is warm and healthy at Culpeper Regional Hospital. Photo: ABC7

A baby is doing well tonight in Culpeper Regional Hospital after starting out life on the side of a country road Wednesday.

On the way to the hospital, the baby wouldn't wait and about four miles from their medical destination, her mother gave birth with the help of a 911 dispatcher.

"Pull over," Cristal Dennis told her friend, Dianna Jenkins, who was driving her to the hospital.

Jenkins says she pulled over and immediately called 911.

Stacey Marshall, a 911 dispatcher, took the call. And Jenkins and Dennis say they were lucky to have Marshall's help.

Marshall talked them through the entire process, telling Jenkins what to do to help Dennis give birth to her new baby girl. And she dispatched help as quickly as possible to the location on N. Merrimac Road, about four miles from the hospital.

Today, baby Isabella is warm and healthy after starting life in a cold car on the side of the road in November.