7OYS: Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Suitland has missing gravestone

SUITLAND, Md. (WJLA) - Norma Shorter couldn’t find her parents’ grave marker at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Suitland.

“This is where my parents is supposed to be," she said. "I've asked them, 'Where is the stone?' Nobody can tell me."

Last February, Shorter buried her father Carroll at this cemetery – in the same plot she bought when her mother died in 1997. But there was one problem:

"I came back two days after his birthday so I could put some balloons on his grave. When I came back, I didn't see anything."

Instead, Shorter found the granite marker moved over several graves away. And when she came back in June, the stone was back, but there was still no indication of her father's year of death.

"I came back in October ...nothing's there!" she said. "It's very disrespectful to the dead. And it's negligence! It's negligence!"

So we went to the office to get answers from Manager Paul Youse, who told us:

"Grass can start to grow over and just needs to be edged or raised, whatever the issue is, and it's just all part of maintenance." Youse assured us that the marker really was there the entire time.

As far as there being no death date almost a year later, Youse explains there's an extra charge for that, which Norma Shorter apparently did not realize. But he says he's willing to work with her to have it taken care of now.

However, Shorter is not convinced. Even though she has bought herself a plot here already for more than $1,100, she no longer wants to be buried at this cemetery.

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