70 arrested in major undercover drug, gun case

In a major crackdown, authorities arrest 70 suspects for possessing and distributing guns and drugs with a street value of more than $7.1 million.

The joint investigation, called "Operation Manic Enterprises," ran for almost a year. Authorities set up a recording studio for a rap artist and used it to make the majority of undercover buys.

"If these drugs and guns had made it to our streets, the impact would have been devastating to community," said MPD Chief Lanier. "This was an extremely dangerous operation. These suspects had bragged about other violent crimes they had committed and had no qualms about killing police officers, guards and other innocent people."

Authorities seized 80 pounds of meth, 9.6 kilos of cocaine and 23.5 pounds of marijuana, heroin and MDMA/ecstasy. They also seized 161 guns, including 29 assault weapons.

Police said several suspects have ties to Mexican drug cartels and said they were trying to set up a meth distribution network in D.C.

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