7 On Your Side: Woman receives much-needed dental work

A Virginia woman was caught up in the middle of a dental dispute that was keeping her from getting a much needed bridge put in place.

The woman, Anna Gardiner, is on disability and lives on a fixed income. She needed to get bridge work done. Back in February of 2011, she needed to save up the rest of the money.

The dental practice, Natural Horizon's Wellness Center, said it would finish the work when she could pay the bill.

Gardiner admits other dental issues cropped up, costing her thousands. This meant the bridge had to wait.

“All of the work to get ready to take the impression had been paid for, plus I paid $3,030 dollars towards the $3,975 bridge so that left a balance of $945 for the physical bridge, and that's what I owed,” she says.

It took Gardiner two years to save up the $945 she needed but by then the dentist had left the practice and there was some disagreement over whether the practice or the dentist had the $3,000 dollars she'd already paid for the work.

She worried she was going to have to start all over.

That's when she called 7 On Your Side.

The dentist declined comment. The practice says a customer issue is, "a situation we run into less than 1% of the time. We have always been above board and bent over backward to accommodate this woman."

But the practice agreed to complete the work and Gardiner received her dental work.