7 ON YOUR SIDE: PG County schools still have lead in water, tests show

Schools in PGCPS still have lead in water, tests show. (ABC7)

Earlier this year the 7 ON YOUR SIDE I-Team exposed huge issues with the water in Prince George's County Public Schools.

Lead was found in the water and school officials were not notifying parents District wide.

Now, the I-Team has investigated again, and it appears it's happening all over again.

The I-Team dropped by Glenridge Elementary, a school in Prince George's County School District, where 45 classroom and bathroom sinks were turned off last year due to high levels of lead in the water.

They were greeted by a man in a suit in the doorway of the front entrance of the School.

ABC7: "Can we talk to your Principal?"

School Official says "I said Communications."

ABC7: "Is your Principal around?"

School Official says "Thank you?" and steps back into the school shutting the front door.

ABC7: "Is your Principal around? You can't even communicate with us? All we want to do is come in and get a couple of shots of the water fountain? I don't think that's too much to ask."

PG County Public Schools appear to be at it again, not notifying all their parents about its most recent lead testing.

In April... 7 On Your Side discovered the District for years never revealed to all its parents high levels of lead in its water system as far back as 2004.

After we exposed the District, its CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell announced all schools would be tested. The first time since 2009.

Maxwell has refused to speak to the I-Team on camera.

ABC7 just got our hands on the latest lead testing results which you won't see on the District's website:

So far, 17 out of 29 schools tested above the District's recommended guideline of 10 parts per billion including Jessie B. Middleton Regional School which has lead levels as high as 243 parts per billion.

School Board Member Ed Burroughs who represents District 8 says "I am outraged by it. I think it's despicable."

Burroughs adds it's time for drastic measures and he says, "I believe we should shut off every fountain in the School District and then have them opt in. Once they are tested and we know they are safe... then turn them on.”

A total of 88 schools in the District with dangerous levels of lead have been using bottled waters...some since 2004.

The District emailed a response late today:

"The first round of testing focused on 70 schools that serve as early childhood centers or were already receiving bottled water. The test results mirror what we expected. Many of those fixtures have been turned off for more than 10 years and they will remain out of use. Students have not been exposed to water with high levels of lead. Remediation efforts are underway and will continue through the summer until complete.”
Dr. Wesley Watts
Chief Operating Officer
Prince George’s County Public Schools

Here is a link to the latest test results from 29 schools:

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