7 on Your Side: Prince George's County still hasn't acted on dangerous mold

At least this toxic mold is somewhat contained. Photo: ABC7

After a 7 On Your Side report on ABC7 in December, officials in Prince George's County promised to legally force a Suitland homeonwer to clean up the toxic mold that's taken over her townhouse and spread to her neighbors.

But our investigative team found out the county still has not taken that woman to court and neighbors tell us the mold problem has grown even worse.

For the first time, we're seeing pictures Prince George's County inspectors took last year inside the house abandoned by its owner and infested with mold.

You can see the spotty black growth all over the walls and on the collapsing ceiling.

The three sheets of plywood the county slapped on the outside of the townhouse do not protect neighbors from the spreading mold.

One neighbor, who shares a wall with the moldy house, first came to 7 On Your Side last December when tests showed the toxic growth had spread to his house, making his family sick.

It was only when ABC7 got involved that the county promised to get a court order forcing the homeowner to clean up the mold.

It's been almost four months since that promise ... and the toxic mold is still spreading unabated.

The owner, Eugenia Westbrook left town in December soon after we spotted her packing up.

In February the county tracked Westbrook to a new address in New York.

But it wasn't until 7 On Your Side contacted the county on April 2, with another complaint about the mold, that the next day, April 3, the county finally hired a private company to serve legal notice on the owner in New York.

The county also now has decided to move for an expedited court date to legally force Westbrook to clean up all that toxic mold.