7 On Your Side: Man falsely charged hundreds by Comcast

Photo: Static Shifter via Flickr

INDIAN HEAD, Md. (WJLA) -{ }A Maryland man was charged hundreds of dollars for Pay-Per-View movies he says he never ordered, but when he tried to get the cable company to fix the problem, he was told to pay up.

"I'm not paying for their mess-ups," Charles Fleet says.{ }

Fleet's Comcast bill showed $200 in Pay-Per-View movies were ordered in just one month, but he says he didn't order a single one and refused to pay the bill or his previous balance.{ }

Comcast cut off his cable and sent him to collections seeking nearly $400.{ }

“I’m barely making it month-to-month with my bills, even my $69 normal cable bill. I wasn’t going to sit here and rent $200 worth of movies in month,”{ }Fleet says.

Frustrated, Fleet called 7 On Your Side, and Comcast was asked{ }to investigate.

While the company did not explain what caused those On-Demand charges, Comcast responded immediately. Within a day the charges{ }were removed from Fleet’s bill.