7 On Your Side: D.C. DMV issues tickets to wrong driver

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - While the D.C. Council is not likely to vote on reforms to how the District handles tickets that have been challenged, 7 On Your Side continues to get complaints.

Melissa Brennan's Virginia license plate is nearly identical to another. For Brennan, the subtle difference has created a very frustrating problem.

“I received five tickets that had the wrong license plate,” she says “It wasn’t my license plate.”

Brennan drives a black SUV, but is receiving tickets for a blue Infiniti G35. Brennan is an emergency room nurse in Manassas, but all of the tickets were issued in Washington, D.C. She says she never drives in the city.{ }

Brennan did not formally challenge the tickets, as required by the District, but says she called the DMV Adjudication Services office after each ticket and thought they had been handled until four were sent to collections.

“It actually affected my credit because I’m purchasing a home here,” she says.

The DMV requires drivers to contest tickets by mail, online, or in person. The key is to bring clear evidence with you that shows the ticket was written in error.

For the last year, 7 On Your Side has been reporting on problems with the DMV adjudication process. The D.C. Council is now considering legislation to address what some have called issues of fairness.

7 On Your Side provided the DMV the registration for Brenna’s 12-year-old vehicle as proof the tickets were a mistake. She later received a postcard in the mail saying all the tickets had been dismissed. They will also be removed from her credit report.