Ward 5 residents upset that medical marijuana coming to their neighborhood

Some residents of D.C.'s Ward 5 are upset that their neighborhood will become the central growing location for medical marijuana.

While medical marijuana is legal, it has to be grown in the District. So far, six of the seven approved cultivation centers are in D.C.'s Ward 5.

Thaddeus Vines grew up in Ward 5 and says the local marijuana addicts will go crazy.

"Man, they gonna run up in there with a bulldozer," Vines said. They're going to find a way to get that weed."

One Ivy City business owner was not as concerned.

"As long as the government says you can do it what's wrong with it," said Greg Casten. "I don't have any problem with it coming in here."

The issue was a major topic in City Council Tuesday.

At-large council member Vincent Orange, who lives in Ward 5, also did not like the plan.

Orange says Ward 5 has strip clubs, trash transfer stations and now marijuana.

Ivy City's ANC commissioner, Jacqueline Manning, voiced concern about security for the cultivation centers.

The sentiment was echoed by Vines.

"It's like teasing a dog with a piece of steak," Vines said.

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