$5,000 reward offered after someone reportedly tried to light cat on fire in DC

The Humane Rescue Alliance is offering a $5,000 reward to find the person (or persons) responsible for reportedly trying to light a cat on fire in Southeast DC Tuesday night. (Photo: Humane Rescue Alliance)

Officers with the Humane Rescue Alliance came back to 28th Street in Southeast D.C. Wedneday, this time with flyers.

They spoke to Wayne Burroughs as they worked to track down who tried to set a cat on fire.

“Somebody must have saw it and set it on fire and that’s sad,” said Burroughs.

The Humane Rescue Alliance says it was a community cat, meaning there was no owner, much like the one ABC7 News spotted who is known as “mommy.”

A neighbor said there is video of the incident, but he didn’t show ABC7 News proof.

A picture of the cat after it was picked up shows her sitting close to burned newspaper.

“It looked like it had a missing claw likely from frantically clawing at the cage or trying to get away from the fire,” said Ofc. Daniel D’Eramo, Humane Rescue Alliance.

D’Eramo said the cat was too traumatized for ABC7 News' camera to get close, but she was taken to a hospital before getting treatment at the their Northwest location.

“I don’t have no idea who would do that and I hope they catch them, whoever it is,” said Burroughs.

The Humane Rescue Alliance set the trap down an alley on Tuesday night, sometime after 8, and tried to be discreet as it works to spay and neuter cats without homes.

When an officer came back, there was evidence of a fire.

The neighborhood was identified as a hot spot for community cats that are often fed by people like Burroughs.

The injured cat will be evaluated to determine if living in the open air or going up for adoption is best.

A $5,000 reward is being offered for an arrest and conviction in the case. If you have more information, you’re asked to call: 202-723-5730.

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