5 injured by truck during Rockville parade

ROCKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - Five people were taken to the hospital after a truck participating in the Rockville Memorial Day Parade accelerated without warning.

Around 11 a.m. Monday, a legion of vehicles and floats were lining-up in the Rockville Swim Center parking lot for the annual holiday parade. Eyewitnesses say an industrial-sized Home Depot rental truck, being used by the Anwar Temple #219 Oasis of Rockville - Desert of Maryland, revved its engine and pitched forward. Three adult women sitting in white lawn chairs, slid down the truck's aluminum cargo hold, and plunged over the tailgate.

"It [the truck] accelerated and turned really fast, tires squealing and the women -- who were in chairs -- fell out of the back of the truck onto the pavement," an eyewitness told ABC7.

A Rockville Volunteer Fire Department lieutenant said two of the women suffered serious head injuries. A third woman had minor injuries, but was still taken to the hospital for observation. A parade organizer was also clipped by the truck, and suffered a wounded arm.

Moments before the accident, the pick-up truck's driver asked a group of more than 50 Cub Scouts to clear the parking lot.

"They moved to the side of the driveway... It was scary but it could have been much worse had the truck gone off the road," the eyewitness added.

Members of the Anwar Temple #219, which describes itself online as the "Ancient Egyptian Arabic Order Nobles Mystic Shrine," would not speak with reporters about the incident.

A sign posted on the rental truck instructed people not to ride in the cargo hold.