4th of July travel: Roads mostly clear Wednesday

For the most part, for most of the day, traveling by road to the beach has been smooth sailing.

J.D. Landon and his wife are on their way to Cape May, New Jersey from D.C. on Route 50.

“We tried to get out as early as we can,” he says. “We knew the traffic would be bad especially since now it's a nice day.”

The extra-long holiday weekend and all the rainy weather we've had this week seems to have kept a lot of folks off the road so far.

But by late afternoon, traffic to the Bay Bridge began to pick up.

Vic Desport drives to Ocean City every Fourth of July from Pittsburgh. He's happy to see traffic moving along through the Bay Bridge toll plaza. He knows it won't be like this on the way back home.

For most of the day there were no problem.

And then there's Dee Rodriguez and 13 members of her family. Their trip from Houston to Riding, Virginia with a final stop in Ocean City. They broke down on the side of the road just a couple miles from the bridge.

“My brother-in-law stopped to get some energy and my van just stopped,” she says.