10-month-old boy drowns in bathtub in Md.

A 10-moth-old boy drowned in a bathtub in an apartment complex in Beltsville. (Photo: Brad Bell)

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A 10-month-old boy has drowned in a bathtub in Beltsville, Md., the third time a child has drowned in a bathtub in two weeks.

The boy was found unresponsive in a bathtub in the 11300 block of Evans Trail. He was rushed to an area hospital but died.

Neighbor Aminata Simmons heard the mother scream at about 10:30 Tuesday morning.

“She said ‘help me with my baby’ was really sad,” said Karen Guerrero.

The woman was holding her 10-month-old son, who was lifeless. She lives in the apartment with three young children

Police are still piecing together what happened but believe the child was left unattended in a bathtub. When the mother checked on him, he was unresponsive.

A similar death happened in Landover Monday, when family members say they found a 6-year-old girl in a bathtub. She, too, died.

Though it appears both children drowned, police say they're investigating the deaths.

“It hits parents hard, it hits police officers hard. We are working as quickly as we can to figure out what happens in each of these cases,” spokesperson Julie Parker said.

“I feel sorry, I feel pathetic about it because it's a baby and we don't know what happened in the house,” neighbor Simmons said.

In the third case, 1-year-old Wreef Wafy Almutiri drowned in a bathtub in a hotel in Reston, Va., on September 18.

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