3 robberies in 30 minutes in NW Washington

Police are looking for serial robbers in northwest Washington after three armed street robberies within 30 minutes.

The latest spree began just after 6 Sunday evening with an armed robbery on Jenifer Street just off Reno Road.

“It's brazen because of the fact that there is pedestrian traffic along here, people do walk here,” says Robert Greenberger, a resident who has lived in the area for 30 years.

Within 15 minutes, police say, two armed and masked gunman in a small dark car also robbed people in the 3600 block of Warren Street and the 2500 block of Porter Street.

No one was hurt, but that could've been sheer luck.

“There's a very thin line between the threat and actually harming somebody or even killing somebody,” says Ward 3 councilmember Mary Cheh. “So this is something to be extremely concerned about.”

And it's been happening elsewhere in Upper Northwest too: Last Friday night a woman walking on 45th just off River Road had a gun put to her head.

And on New Year's on 45th near Ellicott a car pulled up, two men in ski masks jumped out and robbed a family returning home. for the night:

And it's not confined to D.C. either. Montgomery County police believe three armed robberies just over the Western Avenue line into Bethesda are related.

The crimes are all in areas people have traditionally felt safe.