Mysterious deaths: Mom, 2 young kids found dead in car at Hagerstown school

HAGERSTOWN (WJLA) -- A Hagerstown mother and her two young children were found dead in a car in a parking lot outside Western Heights Middle School late Monday afternoon, according to police.

The 32-year-old mother was in the driver’s seat, reclined as though for a rest. The 18 and six-month-old baby girls were strapped in their car seats in the back of the small silver car – both girls had bottles within reach.

The engine was off and the car was unlocked with all windows closed when horrified staffers at Western Heights Middle School discovered the bodies.

"People go into this field because they have a love for children. They have a passion. So when you find something like this, it's hard not to be heavy-hearted," said school principal Michael Kuhanick.

How and why the mother and children died are mysteries tonight, as police do not believe that any violence or outside suspects were involved. Whether the deaths were intentional or accidental are unknown.

"It was very hot when when first responders opened up the car, so it's very possible it was a heat-related death...But we're not closing anything out," said Captain Paul Kifer.

Sources say there was no sign of drugs in the woman’s car or in her Hagerstown apartment, and while police are not yet releasing her name, we know the woman was an immigrant from Guyana and lived in this unit across town from where she was found.

Autopsies by the Washington County Medical Examiner will determine how the three died.

Kifer said the car was in park with the ignition off and the windows up on a 90-degree afternoon. Police indicated there were no obvious signs of violence when they made the discovery of the bodies.

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HPD @ 1300 Marshall St. (Western Heights Middle School) investigating deceased persons found in a car. No signs of violence. Area is safe.

— Hagerstown Police (@HagerstownPD) June 16, 2014