2014 Andrews Air Show canceled due to budget cuts

Joint Base Andrews held its last air show in 2012. Photo: Kris Van Cleave

(WJLA) - Some call the roar of the jets the sound of freedom. For more than 50 years, the Andrews Open House and Air Show has packed the tarmac with planes and people eager to see the armed service in action.

Now, that sound of freedom will be the sound of silence, as the show has been trimmed to an every-other-year event due to sequestration. The Air Show is now indefinitely grounded, as the Base Commander says the Air Force simply cannot afford to host the 2014 show.

"DOD as a whole, we're being fiscally conservative this year and it was one of the ways we could be fiscally conservative by not spending $2 million on an air show," explained Capt. Lindy Singleton, Air Force spokesperson.

And so, there will be no hovering harriers, no aerobatic teams, and no happy spectators.

"I think it's terrible -- especially the military kids, they come out there...they look forward to that," said P.G. County resident Richard Swinton.

"There's a lot of programs that need to be cut -- that's not one of them," agreed Anne Arundel County resident Ron Chambers.

We did find one person who is pleased by the news. Peter Agourides owns the Jiffy Shoppes across from the base. He says good riddance to the traffic and the competition:

"During the air show we lose a lot of business, so actually we're kinda happy."

As for the future, the Andrews Base Commander says it will be a year-by-year decision.

The Andrews Air Show was last held in 2012 and featured a demonstration from the Blue Angels.