2013 Obama inauguration: Be careful buying tickets

Benita Cathey was one of the people who got mixed up in a Ticketmaster mistake, where thousands of inaugural tickets were sold earlier than expected.

The military spouse posted an ad on Craigslist, hoping to find affordable tickets.

Craigslist has dozens of listings from people wanting to sell tickets - some for a much as $5,000. The presidential inaugural committee says whether you're buying or selling, remember to be careful.

A good way to tell you're being swindled is if the seller offers you the tickets - because those haven't even been delivered.

Those who bought tickets only have confirmation of their purchase.

ABC7 got a hold of two different sellers - both happened to be moms who did not want go on camera or share their names.

But on the phone, both said they initially wanted to go to the inaugural balls.

"I had no intention of selling these...but frankly, I'm a middle class mom of three and $2,000-$4,000 has much more value to me than this experience,” said one. “Maybe that makes me a bad person."

Not what Cathey wants to hear.

She and her husband moved here in the summer and was hoping that because she lives in now, she would be able to snatch at least two tickets.