2012 NFL Draft set to begin tonight

Robert Griffin III is about to become the newest face of the Washington Redskins. On Thursday night, the franchise will take the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback as the 2nd overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

The chatter all over social media for months has been about the prospects of Griffin, known as "RG3," pulling on the burgundy and gold jersey. In New York, the site of the draft, Redskins fans lined up for upwards of 7 hours just to get a spot inside Radio City Music Hall to see the pick live.

Blockbuster trade

Head coach Mike Shanahan and the franchise gave up a lot to put his team in the position to pick up the Heisman Trophy winner out of Baylor

On March 12, the Redskins arguably bet the house on Griffin becoming their franchise quarterback when they made a trade with the St. Louis Rams to move up to the 2nd overall pick.

To get there, though, the team had to give up two future first-round picks and a second round pick.

Shanahan has called Griffin a “natural leader” and said, “to see him handle himself in all different types of situation is a guy that we feel fist in great with this organization. It’s a guy that we want to develop to be the face of the organization.”

Ready to prove himself

Despite all the hype, Washington’s golden boy says he is ready to prove himself.

“Just because I’ll be the second pick, doesn't mean I'm automatically the leader of that team,” Griffin said. “You have to earn the respect from the veterans.”

Griffin has been in New York for several days with the other top NFL prospects, but he’s ready to work.

“You have to put in the hard work and show them that hey you can trust in me and hey you can believe in me,” he said.