2012 Election: Local reactions to Obama re-election

The day after election night, both party offices in Prince William County are closed up tight—Democrats likely tired after a night of celebration, and Republicans exhausted after a tough loss.

With rallies and get out the vote efforts, both President Obama and Mitt Romney fought hard for Virginia—specifically the coveted counties of Prince William and Loudoun.

President Obama won in Prince William by 57-42, with Democrat Tim Kaine finishing at about the same to take the Senate seat. In Loudoun, it was a tighter race, but Obama and Kaine also took a victory there. The Democratic shift of the past 10 years in both counties reflects big demographic shifts.

The shift is attributed to “both folks moving out there from other closer in D.C. suburbs and an increase in minorities over the years,” said Politico’s Jonathan Allen.

Kenneth Reid, who is on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, helped organize for Mitt Romney, and thinks Republicans here have to grow the party by steering away from social issues and toward basic principles.

But Jose Sarmiento, a tax preparer in Prince William County, voted for the president—swayed in party by the campaign’s outreach to Hispanics.