2012 Election: Hurricane Sandy alters schedules for presidential campaign

With only 11 days left until the election, Hurricane Sandy is impacting the campaign trail.

Rallies for Mitt Romney and Vice-President Joe Biden planned for this weekend in Virginia Beach have been canceled.

But today, Sen. John McCain stumped for the GOP nominee in the Commonwealth and compared the tone of this campaign to his own run in 2008.

A big rally is also scheduled for President Obama with Bill Clinton Monday in Prince William County. That's up in the air now.

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell says, in worst cast scenario, he could postpone election day, though that's highly unlikely.

The president was off the campaign path today, but he sat down for a controlled round of TV interviews at the White House today and then visited Democratic headquarters.

Turnout is now the biggest concern.

Biden stumped in Wisconsin, and continued to mock Mitt Romney.

"You know he found out through those binders there's a lot of qualified women," Biden says. "Eureka. Whoa!"

Romney, perhaps optimistically arrived in Iowa to the movie soundtrack for Air Force One. He gave an economic speech, critical of a sluggish recovery, and new GDP numbers showing slight improvement.

"We need real change, big change," Romney says, taking a page out of Obama's playbook. "That time has come."

While both sides concede that this late very few are still undecided, they're mining for every one of them.

And it's not always about policy. Politics is personal and few know that better than Mr. Obama's last opponent, John McCain, who in an interview with ABC7 today was highly critical of the president's demeanor.

"I probably shouldn't make this comment, but the coarse language that the president uses and the derisive attitude he has toward his opponent ... I always treated the president with respect when I was running against him," McCain says. "I think this disrespect that he's showing Mitt Romney is really not presidential and I think some people may decide that way."

People from both camps today are now very uncertain of where the president or Romney will be over the next few days because of the hurricane.

We went through this with the Republican convention, so this would be the second time a hurricane has influenced big events in this race.