2 women charged with stealing parcel in Ashburn

Loudoun police charged two women with stealing a parcel from residences in Ashburn.

Delia Rafe, 33, and Darlene Darden, 33, are both facing felony grand larceny for allegedly stealing a package that was delivered to a residence in the 20500 block of Broadnax Place.

They are also suspected of stealing other packages from the Ashburn Village community in June.

Police released the following safety tips:

•Request specific drop off times.

•Ask for the parcel to be placed on a back porch or beside the front porch. (Out of view from the road.)

•Pick up the packages at a package store.

•Let a trusted neighbor know you are expecting a deliver and have them keep an eye out and bring it in once delivered.

•Know when you are expecting certain items in the mail. If they do not arrive, immediately call the sender and check the status of the item.

•Postal Service mail is generally sorted and grouped facing the same way. If you retrieve your mail and it is unsorted, it may be an indication that someone went through your mailbox.