1965 UH-1E Marine Corps Huey Gunship for sale in Annapolis

(Photo: Kevin McLean)

You can find a lot of great deals on the web site Craigslist. Everything from used stereo equipment to furniture to even bigger items like cars are all offered.

But what about a military helicopter for $175,000?

That’s what Maryland resident Kevin McLean is selling. And it’s not just any military helicopter but a 1965 UH-1E Marine Corps Huey Gunship.

“It’s an awesome piece of history,” McLean writes on the Annapolis Craigslist post. Here’s the advertisement.

He said he bought it as a military surplus and uses the helicopter to help fundraising efforts for veterans and wounded warriors. And his father served two tours in Vietnam.

The last owners who flew the helicopter was the USDA Forestry Service of Florida, he says.

And by the way. The guns and weapons on the helicopter are dummies.