18-year-old attacked on Ardwick Ardmore Road in Springdale

Police in Prince George's County are looking for a man who attacked an 18-year-old woman in Springdale Tuesday afternoon.

"He started choking me," the teen said.

The woman bears the marks on her neck.

The 18-year-old was very shaken up and the family asked ABC7 not to identify her because the attacker is still at-large.

She was walking down Ardwick Ardmore Road after getting off the bus from community college when she says a man came up from behind and grabbed her.

"I'd never seen him before," the teen said.

The teen was talking with her mother on the phone when the attack happened.

"She said mom please help me somebody's choking me," her mother said. "So I didn't know if they had kidnapped her or what, but I clearly knew somebody was attacking her."

Her mother called a nearby relative and police. By the time officers arrived the man had run away.

The teen says the attacker was scared off because a person driving by tried to help her.

On Wednesday, police announced that they arrested Raymond Myers and charged him with robbery, theft and second degree assault.

"I guess somebody turned back around, and he just ran away when he saw somebody coming back around," the teen said.

The teen says the man ran off into the woods. She and her family will feel a lot better when he's behind bars.

"I want him locked up, for good."