14th Street sinkhole work to continue until Friday, May 31

Repairs on the sinkhole will continue until Friday. (Photo: Sam Ford)

D.C. officials say it’ll be at least until Friday before the massive sink hole at 14th and F streets in NW is fixed.

D.C. Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Paul Quander confirmed at a press conference Tuesday afternoon that they expect work on the sinkhole to continue until the end of the week.

The sinkhole opened up on May 21.

This sewer is 15 feet below the road surface and was built in 1897.

Those responsible for fixing the situation say they’ve repaired a 5-foot 1890s-era sewer pipe and lined it with steel. Authorities say the sinkhole was caused by a pipe was carrying runoff water from a storm drain to the 5-foot sewer – and then somebody put a manhole through the pipe.

"Blocked the storm drain water couldn't get to the sewer and that's what was scouring out the dirt under the street," says D.C. Water General Manager George Hawkins.

It left a void and then the concrete of the road, sank into that void, thus a sinkhole. At a news conference, city officials said the sewer repair would finish Tuesday, then utilities and street repair will be completed at the end of the week.

Among the happiest will be businesses in the area, like The Hamilton.

The Hamilton’s Managing Director David Moran said workers struck a gas line Sunday night and he had to evacuate the entire restaurant.

"We almost full at the time … hundreds of people. .. hundreds of people, thousands dollars, not good,” he said.

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