14 speed cameras, 1 oversized truck camera issue tickets in D.C.

(WJLA) - Speed cameras continue to appear across the nation’s capital – aimed at capturing motorists who break the law. The problem is that they’re somewhat hard to spot.

Some motorists are considering the placement of the cameras questionable and sneaky, and most are convinced that the real motivation for the proliferation of cameras policing D.C. streets stems from making money – even though the city insists the photo enforcement cameras are intended to encourage more drivers to obey the rules and thus save lives.

Out of the 15 new cameras that start issuing tickets Friday, 14 of them are going after speeders while 1 is designed to catch trucks that take a shortcut on a residential street through Northeast D.C.

The residents of that neighborhood are happy about that, as they welcome any effort to keep their homes from rattling.