13th annual Safeway Feast of Sharing underway

Servers at the Feast of Sharing. (Photo: WJLA)

This very well could be the largest Thanksgiving feast in the D.C. area. Close to 5,000 residents have gathered for turkey and all the trimmings at the Convention Center.

And the 13th annual Safeway Feast of Sharing isn't only about feeding the homeless, elderly and most needy families but also a helping hand to get them back on their feet, physically and mentally.

This massive event includes a job fair, free clothing and the opportunity for free health screenings and important vaccines.

An extremely rewarding day for longtime volunteer Wenners Ballard, one of about a thousand volunteers giving their time and labor for the city's most vulnerable.

He's volunteered since day one.

"We used to have more volunteers then the people we fed," he says.

It’s an event that grows each Thanksgiving. At least a thousand more meals will be served than just two years ago. And the help is growing as well. Everything is donated from the thousands of pounds of mashed potatoes to the hundreds of pairs of shoes. And of course, the countless amount of time given.