13-year-old victim of possible hate crime in Fairfax

A Fairfax teenager was the victim of a horrific, racially-fueled attack several weeks ago, authorities say, during which the 13-year-old victim was doused in urine and told to "go back to Africa."

It happened on July 6 at an apartment complex on Monument Drive in Fairfax, County Police spokeswoman Lucy Caldwell said.

Each afternoon, as the sun goes down, Tyler Hill’s business picks up.

The 13-year-old is spending his summer quenching neighbors’ thirsts with his lemonade stand – complete with home-baked goodies.

He has turned a Fairfax County apartment courtyard into a welcoming neighborhood hangout, which is why what happened to the teen two weeks ago is difficult to hear.

In an incident best described as bizarre, a man wearing a full-body anatomy unitard walked up to Hill’s stand with a water balloon in hand.

"I said, 'Please don't throw that water balloon at me,'” Hill told ABC 7.

But he did – soaking Hill to the skin. After running inside, his parents soon realized it wasn’t filled with water.

“His shirt, his pants, all the way down to his underwear was soaked... It was a balloon filled with urine, so you could really smell it," they said.

But even worse was what the man said to Tyler:

“He yelled, 'Go back to Africa you n----!'”

Those words now have Fairfax County Police investigating this as a hate crime. However, not one to be discouraged, the little entrepreneur is back to satisfying the sweet tooth of neighbors.

"I didn't want to come back out here, but my parents made me feel good again to where me and my sister could come back out," Tyler said.