11th Street Bridge may be recycled into park

In southeast D.C., the old 11th Street Bridge, and the new one, sit side by side. There are plans that could recycle the old bridge into a park.

D.C.’s office of planning has put off demolition of the downstream part of the bridge and are considering instead a park with a rock wall, street cars and a zip line.

Michael Wallach of the Anacostia Economic Development Corporation likes what he sees.

"If that could be the destination or at least the first part of it, I wouldn't have any quarrel with it,” Wallach says. “I don't think the community would either."

Planners think a park could be the key to getting tourists to zip over to this side of the river.

The bridge offers some stunning views but some are concerned this recreational bridge could become a hotbed for crime.

But Wallach says it's a problem with a simple solution.

"When you have neighborhoods well lit, you have a reduction in crime, because it's harder for the cockroaches to come out and attack you,” Wallach says.