Thieves hit three Vienna churches Sunday

A series of thefts at churches were reported in Vienna Sunday, police say.

Town of Vienna police officers say four purses or wallets were stolen while parishioners were attending services at churches.

At least two of the victims were church employees. One was a parishioner.

“I felt I was taken advantage of obviously,” said one victim. “It really lowers your faith in human beings.”

Thefts occurred at three different churches during a four-hour period Sunday morning, police say. In each case, the purses were left unattended in unlocked rooms inside the churches. At the Church of the Holy Comforter, two purses were stolen.

“It’s very unusual it'd be in a church and its sad that someone would chose that location to prey on people,” said Vienna Police spokesman Bill Murray.

“Unfortunately no place is safe these days. You need to excise caution and lock things up.”

A statement from police reminds citizens to secure their valuables no matter where they are, and if items must be left unattended they should be secured in areas that are not accessible to unauthorized individuals.