'Thank you, Ed Snowden' bus ads could roll out next week

Photo: Associated Press

(WJLA) - A Washington-based civil rights and legal organization says it's on the verge of rolling out a series of bus ads lauding Edward Snowden.

The Partnership for Civil Justice Fund, a group that advocates for the securing and protection of civil rights, free speech and dissent, says that their "Thank You Ed Snowden" ads will be revealed next week.

WMATA officials confirm that the four-week run of bus advertising is set to begin on Nov. 25.

In a statement, the organization calls Snowden's repeated leaks of sensitive government information on surveillance is an "individual act of heroism" that "exposes misinformation and lies told to us by politicians."

"There is no better way to do that than to rally support for Ed Snowden, sending a clear message that he should be granted immunity and allowed to testify before Congress," the statement reads.

Metro spokesman Philip Stewart says that doesn't endorse third-party advertising on its buses and inside rail stations and that their views do not necessarily reflect the agency's.

A former government contractor and CIA employee, Snowden says that he's behind the leak of NSA information that exposes the agency's mass surveillance program. He has been charged with espionage and theft by federal authorities.

Snowden fled the country shortly before the leaks began, moving from Hong Kong to Russia, where he currently resides and was granted temporary asylum.