'Running gun battle' in Northeast leaves no victims, no witnesses

After what one resident said sounded like a "running gunbattle" in Northeast early Friday, police have found evidence of multiple shots fired but no victims, no definitive witnesses.

"It sounded like Vietnam."

That's how one Northeast D.C. resident is describing the flurry of gunshots this morning that rocked their neighborhood to the core.

"It seemed it was some kind of running gunbattle anywhere from 10 to 20 shots," says Anthony Duran, a resident.

It happened early Friday morning in the 2200 block of Perry Street NE, shutting down the road for hours.

Police are only saying multiple shots were fired. ABC7 saw at least 29 markers as they located shell casings and other pieces of evidence. Some residents say they saw activity, but nothing definitive.

One resident who declined to give ABC7 his name, said he had to rent a car because the shooter put a bullet through his vehicle and police wouldn't let him move it:

Police say at this point they have no victim, so if anybody was hit, they haven't showed up at a hospital yet.

ABC7's Sam Ford has the story.