'Pigeon drop' scam suspects arrested, charged in Takoma Park

Erickson and Green are both charged with conspiracy to commit theft. Photo: Takoma Park Police

TAKOMA PARK, Md. (WJLA) - A pair of women have been charged with conspiracy to commit theft after allegedly attempting to scam an elderly woman out of her money, officials say.

Consuelo Ann Green and Sharon Denise Erickson were both arrested Monday after they attempted to steal money from a woman in what authorities call a "pigeon drop" scheme.

Takoma Park Police officials say that the Baltimore women approached a victim Monday afternoon and showed her what they said was a bag full of money. They offered to give her half of the purported cash in exchange for money of her own and her bank account information.

Before the woman gave the suspects any money, though, authorities were able to apprehend both Green and Erickson. Authorities say that the two would dress up as nurses and target elderly people, nursing homes and medical clinics.

The pair was actually recognized by a previous victim of theirs, who quickly contacted police to tell them of their whereabouts. A bag seized from the suspects contained stacks of paper that was meant to look like money.