'Park at My House' finds private parking spots for drivers

Parking in D.C. is hard to come by, but parking tickets are not.

Now a new business wants to help drivers find good parking spots and help homeowners make extra cash.

Chris Lisi calls herself the "Parking Ticket Queen."

Frustration with parking is why a 28-year old from London brought his service to Washington this week.

Anthony Eskinazi is the founder of Park at My House.

The company claims it's made $5 million for homeowners in Great Britain, renting driveways, reducing headaches.

Cory Cabot is one of the first to sign up with "Park at My House." His Friendship Heights driveway is huge.

"I probably have room for five to six vehicles and I would charge less than market rate," Cabot says.

Market rate is right across the street at a public lot.

Once Park at My House has 100 spots in D.C., they'll develop an app, so before you leave your driveway in the suburbs, you have a driveway in the city waiting for you.

"If it's easy on my iPhone and iPod and I don't have to talk to anyone," Chris Lisi says that's all she needs to hear.

Not everyone like the idea, but Cory Cabot is perfectly happy with converting his driveway to dollars.