'Operation Air, Land and Speed' targets hundreds of miles of Virginia interstate

Drivers on three major Virginia highways should expect a larger-than-usual Virginia State Police presence this weekend.

Troopers will step up patrols along I-95, I-81 and I-64 through Sunday night, conducting roaming patrols and stationary radar on over 700 miles of highway. It marks the first time that state police will incorporate the entire each of the nearly 300 miles of I-64.

"When our visibility is increased along targeted interstates, we know drivers pay attention to obeying speed limits, drunk drivers are caught and aggressive driving is deterred," says Colonel W. Steven Flaherty, Virginia State Police Superintendent.

The initiative is part of the Virginia State Police's "Operation Air, Land and Speed." The last time it was undertaken on I-64 in December 2010, 3,452 summonses and arrests were made. This past May, 6,400 summonses and arrests were made during increased patrols on I-81 and I-95.