'No illeagles here' graffiti raises more questions than answers, reporter finds

Graffiti on a building proposed as housing for immigrant children in Westminster, Md. (Photo by Christian Alexandersen from the Carroll County Times and Baltimore Sun Media Group)

Editor's note: Skip Wood is a reporter and former USA Today writer who covers everything from politics to sports to entertainment and pop culture with his unique flair.

WESTMINSTER, Md. (WJLA) – I’ve a few sincere questions for whoever was behind the recent spray-painting incident at a former military building in Westminster.

Namely, the intent of your message: "NO ILLEAGLES HERE NO UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS."

First of all, what do you have against sick eagles?

Are you warning the public that there are, in fact, ill eagles in the building?

Are you warning sick eagles to scram?

Is it a Redskins-Eagles thing?

Second of all, what do you have against folks who fail to officially register as members of the Democratic Party?

Are you really that much of a Democratic loyalist?

Are you telling scheming Republicans to scram?

And what, exactly, does the second message have to do with sick eagles?

Anyway, just asking.