'Mom power' has a big impact on Maryland lawmakers

(WJLA) - When Shannon Moore went to Annapolis to convince legislators they needed to liberalize medical marijuana laws, she knew they would listen.

"I don't think there's anything more powerful on Earth than [the love] a parent has for their child," Moore told ABC7.

Moore's 3-year-old twins, Byron and Nicholas, live with a severe form of epilepsy that's been proven treatable with medical marijuana in states where it is legal - and yet, until now, Maryland law wouldn't allow it.

"It's really hard to ignore that, especially when somebody is standing there with a photograph of a beautiful child whose life is going to be saved by that," Moore added.

Susan Yum is another powerful mom who makes an impression with her story.

Yum's son Jake died in a car wreck caused by a driver talking on his cell phone. By telling legislators her tragic story, she won passage of a bill which makes such an act a crime. The bill is appropriately named{ } "Jake's Law."

"I want them to see him for how alive he was," Yum recently told ABC7. "He loved sports - he loved baseball and playing catch with his dad."

Maryland House Speaker Mike Busch says passionate moms like Moore and Yum can't be ignored.

"You hear from a lot of different special interest groups where you have lobbyists but when citizens come down - particularly moms that are dealing with issues - it has a big impact," Busch said.

Shannon Moore says, now, she needs to care for her boys. She'll take a break from her advocacy with a victory in her hand - her bill passed.

"I was just ecstatic," Moore said, of the moment she found out her bill had passed. "We were jumping up and down. It was an amazing feeling, it really was."