'Lyft' car service comes to the District

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Would you stick out your thumb to hail a ride from someone you don’t know? How about launching an app?

Well, it looks like San Fransisco-based “Lyft” is pairing citizen drivers with people who need rides in the District. They’ll be picked up in the company’s trademark cars with pink mustaches.

“There’s a background check and they make sure [you have] no accidents, that you don’t have any moving violations, that you’re not a criminal," explains Lyft driver, Elizabeth Scroggs.

Elizabeth Scroggs of Silver Spring made it through a vetting process that nearly 90-percent of applicants do not.

“I do it a couple hours a day and I’m also a substitute teacher,” she says.

When we asked potential riders how they would feel about taking a ride from a virtual stranger, they had mixed feelings – especially the women.

“If a guy’s not going to get in it, I’m not going to get in it as a woman – just wouldn’t feel comfortable doing it," says Jen.

“I think I would base my decision on whether or not it was a female driver, to be honest," adds Melanie Levine.

“I actually think it’s a lot more secure than using a taxi or any other kind of transportation in the city," according to Scroggs.

And when it comes to what taxi drivers think about Lyft infiltrating the District:

“I think that is totally outrageous,” says D.C. Taxicab Commissioner Anthony Muhammad.

ABC7 broke the news about Lyft App to Muhammad, and he said, “I’m sure regulations will go in place when they begin to hear and get complaints about the pink mustache.”