"Katie from D.C." internet search goes viral

"Katie" from Washington D.C. may not be much of an I.D., but she's been getting a lot of unwanted attention lately.

According to the New Zealand Herald, Reese McKee launched an internet search for "Katie" after meeting her in Hong Kong last New Year's. The New Zealander's "Find Katie" Facebook page drew thousands of followers. Unfortunately, it also caused a lot of emails and messages to "wrong Katies" from D.C.

Eventually, the "right" Katie was located, but it wasn't a happy ending. She reportedly deleted all her social media accounts and did not reach out to Mckee.

McKee says he didn't mean for his campaign to go viral. He only wanted to find the mystery American who told him to "find her" after a night of drinking and dancing. McKee has called off his search.