John Leopold accused of sexual harassment by another employee

There are some new accusations of sexual harassment against Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold.

These most recent allegations come from Carla Sagerholm, an employee of Leopold's, and she's not the first to make the claims.

Joan Harris says the latest charges against Leopold prove her claims of harassment.

"What it says to me is all the charges made by the women in court are very credible. This is real these things really did happen," Harris says. "He is a predator."

In a sworn affidavit in support of lawsuits brought by Harris and Karla Hamner, another former county employee, Sagerholm backs up claims that Harris was targeted for firing. She also says the 67-year-old Leopold used binoculars to ogle women walking into the county office building from his fourth floor office.

"He is a man who is constantly on the hunt," Harris adds.

Apart from the two civil lawsuits, Leopold is facing criminal charges stemming from the alleged use of his police detail to, among other things, drive to romantic rendezvous in a mall parking lot.

County constituents have mixed feelings about the case.

Kacey Buettner of Anne Arundel says, "I think where there is smoke, there is fire. Enough of these women have come forward. I think he should resign."

For an Anne Arundel resident named Linda, things aren't so cut and dry.

"You're supposed be proven guilty, and it doesn't always work that way. I think he should be proven guilty," she says.

A spokesperson for Leopold told ABC7 he will not comment on these allegations.