'Good Morning Guy' Robert Gordon makes Clarendon Metro riders smile

ARLINGTON, Va. (WJLA) – If you commute to work on Metro, you probably know the men and women who hand out the free Express newspapers. Whether you take one or not, one man who hands the paper out at the Clarendon Metro station wants to make sure you at least start your day with a smile.

In the early morning, when you’re barely awake, you may not hear Robert Gordon if your headphones are on. But you’ll certainly see the happy-go-lucky man who goes out of his way to make weekday commuters happy.

“I can always reach out and talk to somebody,” Gordon said. “I can shake their hands. ‘Good morning, have a good day today.’ See, that makes me happy.”

Gordon keeps the greetings coming from 6 to 10 a.m., as he hands out newspapers and good cheer.

“Man, I love these smiles,” he said. “I just love people.”

Gordon admits customer service is a key part of his job.

“You want to keep the customer happy. You don’t want to be, you know, all grumpy and all that,” he said, stopping to greet a passerby.

ABC 7 News observed Gordon wishing Clarendon commuters a “terrific Tuesday” on July 29.

“I believe you gotta love what you do,” he said. “This is the best job I can ever have in the world.”

Gordon says his energy comes from God.

“You see, you try to get ‘em to smile … ‘cause a smile changes things,” he said. “That’s what I believe.”

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Gordon always wanted to be a comedian.

“Everybody smiles when they see him,” one passerby said.

Another commented, “It’s great to see people doing something like that and taking [the] time of the day to welcome people.”

Many Clarendon commuters agree that Gordon is the star of the Metro station.

“It’s very unusual in Washington to have that kind of attitude,” a passerby observed. “It’s very nice.”