Gary Smith retrial: Jury to reconvene in ex-Army Ranger's retrial

Day two of jury deliberations will resume on Tuesday in the case of two former Army Rangers, sharing an apartment in Gaithersburg six years ago.

Both Rangers were recently home from war. Sgt. Gary Smith, 29, initially told police an intruder came into their home and shot and killed 22 year old Michael McQueen—the story would later change to suicide. Smith, who admits to taking the gun and throwing it in Lake Needwood, is now on trial for murder for a second time.

Smith was convicted in 2008, but the verdict was overturned on a technicality. While the defense once again claims suicide, the McQueen family is having to relive the nightmare all over again.

There's no clear evidence that the two had an argument or fight that September night. But twice, the prosecution has played a video from inside a police interrogation room, where you can supposedly hear Smith praying and admitting to the crime.