'Gallon smashing' video gets Vienna teenagers charged

File photo: Associated Press

Three Fairfax County teens who participated in a videotaped prank that went viral has been charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property, the Fairfax Times reports.

The three teens were doing something dubbed "gallon smashing," in which a person throws gallons of milk into the air while pretending to fall. The jugs the crash to the ground to make it look like the person has slipped and fallen.

Fairfax County Police, though, aren't laughing; they've instead brought charges against the two 16-year-olds and a 15-year-old.

Police officials tell the Times that the group of teens have been connected to at least seven "gallon smashing" incidents at four supermarkets.

They're not the only ones getting in trouble for this prank, either. Copycat pranksters in Montana were also charged Monday for allegedly pulling a similar gallon smash at a Helena grocery store.