'Flugtag' takes flight in D.C.

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (WJLA) -- What do you get when you combine a jigsaw, a few screws, and the front wheel from your third-grade bicycle? According to its inventor: the greatest flying mechanism man has ever seen!

In this case, when your co-pilot does not wear wings and instead dons a bunny suit, it can only be “Flugtag,” or, “Flying Day."

Imported from Austria over a decade ago, it’s the first staging in D.C. and part of a five-city national competition that would likely have Orville and Wilbur Wright staring in shock and dismay.

"There's a ton of engineering and architecture involved." says Paul Rabil.

Come Saturday, they’ll push, pull, and heave these contraptions down a flight deck several stories over the Potomac.

"Most of them that I've seen in the past, I look at them and say, 'that's definitely never going to fly,'" says one of the judges, Jeff Provenzano.

But these birds aren’t necessarily flying to win. Instead, they’re aiming to get out as far as they can and have an engaging skit in the process. Pre-flight entertainment could guarantee a win.

The event may seem silly, but it definitely draws an impressive amount of revenue.

Ten thousand people shelled out $15 each, just to stand and watch the reversal of a century of flight.