'Dustingageddon' limps into the D.C. area

Call it Dustingageddon.

A day after the two year anniversary of Snowmegeddon, there wasn’t much snow on the ground despite winter weather advisories issued for the area.

On top of South Mountain, it looks like a snow storm with about an inch of accumulation by late afternoon. Since it isn’t affecting the highways most of the people say the snow is kind of pretty.

“It’s like driving through a fog,” says Sherry Mumey. “It keeps coming at you. But it’s not bad.”

The snow that did fall made for a slow ride home during the evening rush. The normally bumper-to-bumper ride up I-270 slowed to a crawl, but road crews in Montgomery and Frederick counties were ready and out in force.

By early evening, the snow had tapered off.

The Winter Weather Advisory issued earlier was canceled at about 3:30 p.m. for Montgomery, Loudoun and Fauquier Counties. It is still posted for Frederick County in Maryland and points west, the Panhandle of WV and Clarke and Frederick Counties in Virginia until 8 p.m.

Farther west and at a lower elevation in Hagerstown, the snow has been steady all day but it isn’t really sticking to anything. The greens of the town's golf course shaded to white but Charlie Startzman says it won’t be enough to move those sleds and shovels he's had hanging around the hardware store all winter.

“Pretty slow this year,” says hardware store owner Startzman. “We need to get a significant snowfall before anybody thinks about sledding. The kids need to be out for school for a couple days.”

The snow certainly wasn't enough for people like Jason Hurst, who works for a landscaping company and depends on snow removal jobs this time of year.

"Losing,money, losing money losing money," Hurst said. "Yes I definitely want snow. I wish we had another blizzard like we had in 2010."

And that was as close to a complaint as was heard all day about the mild winter and this feeble snow storm.

In downtown Frederick, snow fell and promptly melted on freshly salted streets. Postal worker Mike Hess said that's exactly as he likes it.

“I used to love it when I was little but any more it’s just treacherous,” he says.