'Dreamer' moms protest at Capitol Hill

MIAMI (AP) - Youth living in the country illegally have long pushed for immigration reform. Now their parents are coming out of the shadows to join the fight.

Around 50 moms of so-called "Dreamers" visited Capitol Hill Friday, urging lawmakers to overhaul the nation's outdated immigration laws.

More than two dozen from Florida participated. Among them was Andrea Gabriela Genova of Orlando, one of four mothers arrested outside the offices of House Speaker John Boehner for ignoring Capitol police orders to move. Two moms from California and one from Virginia also were detained.

Fort Lauderdale resident Claudia Saucedo was part of the protestors. The 44-year-old said she will not wait quietly until 2015 for reform, as some lawmakers have suggested. She accused Congress of playing with her children's future by delaying action.