'Dem Girls' use song to educate residents on absentee voting

Three Arlington women are using music to "get out the vote." If you pass through Courthouse Plaza on Saturdays, you'll likely pick up their beat.

The group is called "Dem Girls." Despite their name, their "Vote Absentee Song" makes no political allegiance. It's simply a catchy tune both parties can appreciate for driving Virginians to the polls early.

"If you work outside the county on Election Day, vote absentee," the song says.

Composer Liza Figueroa Kravinsky adds, "It will hopefully bridge some divide."

Kravinsky created the song in 2008. She was a volunteer educating the public on absentee voting. But many times the information she tried to share fell on deaf ears.
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"I said, 'How do I get people to slow down so they'll listen to me?' I said, 'Ah ha! I'll write a song about it.',"{ }Kravinsky explained. "I just had to make sure it had some rhythm and rhyme to match the music I had in my head."

"Absentee votes count just like the others. Vote absentee," the song continues.

Ingrid Morroy is Arlington County's Commissioner of Revenue. She heard Kravinsky singing four years ago outside her office. Now, Morroy and her twin are adding their voices to the cause.

"People are very receptive to the message," Morroy adds.

Any registered voter may vote early in Maryland and D.C. You can vote early in Virginia - in person - through next Saturday.

If you mail in a ballot, it must make it to your local registration office by Tuesday. All those votes will be tallied up on Election Day.

Below are links to the eligibility requirements for early voting in Virginia, Maryland and D.C.:

- Virginia

- Maryland

- D.C.

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